"Thrive" Sermon Series • October 14 - October 28

Too many of us live on the edge financially. As a result, money can feel more like an obstacle than an opportunity, adding stress to life and resulting in many missed opportunities. What if that changed?  What if in the next twelve months you could begin to live with margin and live on mission. What if you… Had money left at the end of the month? Could take the family on vacation? Began to give first, save second, and live on the rest? What if you started to Thrive? What if our mission reached its full potential as everyone moved together from just surviving to thriving? Join us for Worship October 14 through October 28 and find out how to thrive!

October 14: Paralyzed // Luke 5: 17-25    

Lack of money can be paralyzing. You have dreams you can’t do anything about and opportunities you can’t seize. Chronic lack of money adds almost unbearable tension to life and relationships. How do you solve that problem? One word: margin. When you learn to live with margin, you can begin to live on mission. And so can the wider community.

Sermon Notes and Daily Study Guide // Discussion Questions and Small Group Study Guide

October 21: (Don’t) give from the heart // Matthew 6:20-21

Give from the heart. We’ve all said it, believed it and even done it. So why did Jesus tell us not to live that way? Join us this Sunday as we explore a revolutionary teaching about money that can change how you live, why you spend, and why you give. Best of all, it’s a step toward a deeper relationship with Christ and a key in realizing your life’s mission.

Sermon Notes and Daily Study Guide // Discussion Questions and Small Group Study Guide

October 28: Mission Possible // Luke 15:3-7  

Margin enables mission. Together, margin and mission enable people to thrive. This week, get a glimpse into what your life could be like and what church could be like if we thrived. What if money finally stopped being an obstacle and became the ultimate opportunity?