"Proud of It" Sermon Series • September 8-22

There’s something that rises up in each of us. It keeps us from apologizing, admitting we’re wrong, or showing weakness. It keeps us from forgiving. It causes us to lie about our pasts, to cheat instead of lose, and to feel happy when someone else fails. It stands in the way not only of our relationships with other people, but our relationship with God.

September 8 // Look at Me // Philippians 2:7–8

There is a sin that is so common to the human experience, it is the gateway to all other sins. It promises to make us bigger, better, and more important, but only makes us smaller and meaner. It strips us of our capacity to connect with others. It stands between us and our heavenly Father. So what it is? How can we get rid of it? Pride crowds out other people. It crowds out God. Pride is a prison. Saying no to pride is saying yes to God. Root out the pride in your life. Kill it before it kills you. Why would you opt to follow something that is killing you when you’ve been invited to follow someone who died for you?

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September 15 // A “Three P” Person // Daniel 5:17-20

Maybe you’re a “Three P” person—you have power, prestige, and possessions. You have influence. You are envied. People take you seriously because of what you’ve accomplished, what you look like, or who you’re married to. There’s nothing wrong with being a “Three P” person. But when it comes to pride, “Three P” people face a unique challenge. When you see someone with less—less sophistication, intelligence, education, money, or influence— you’re tempted to think more highly of yourself. Pause for a moment and tell your pride, “The Most High is sovereign over all the kingdoms.” Remind your pride that everything God has given you is a stewardship. It’s temporary. You are accountable for how you use it.

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September 22 // Audience of One // John 3:26-31

We all want to be friended, followed, linked, and mentioned. We all want to be recognized, admired, sought after, and envied. We hunger for approval. We want applause. We want to be known. But what do you do when there is no amount of “known” that will satisfy your appetite? Work hard. Hone your craft. Broaden your influence. Build your career. Write great books. Move mountains. Change lives. But in the end, remember who it’s from and who it’s for. The applause of the One who knew you first, who knows you best, who gifted you and called you is the only applause that will matter. Your heavenly Father is the One you want to hear say, “Well done.”