During our Be Rich sermon series, Pastor Eric challenged everyone in our congregation to take on one service project for at least 1 hour. Our goal was a total of 700 service hours. About halfway through the challenge we had already met and surpassed our goal, and by the completion of our challenge period, we had served over 1500 hours in the name of Jesus! So many members of our congregation served in our community through a local mission, Asbury missions, and even by helping out neighbors. It was an exciting four weeks of giving, serving and loving! Check out the video below for a small sample of the amazing servants who made "Be Rich" possible.

September 18th - October 9th
Christians should be the most generous people on the planet because of God’s generosity toward us. We need to show our communities that our faith is more than just sermons and songs. Over the next four weeks we will be learning how to be more generous with our resources. We will also be encouraging everyone to serve in the community through a local mission, an Asbury mission, or just doing a random act of kindness for someone in your sphere of influence.
Join us for an exciting four weeks of giving, serving and loving.