"Hands-On" Sermon • September 30 // Service Challenge • October 1 - October 31

We are Called to be Hands-On

About the Sermon • September 30

At the heart of the Christian faith is this idea: in Jesus, God became one of us and dwelt among us. When it comes to those around us who are hurting and in need, the God who dwelt among us calls his followers to be Hands-On. Join us on Sunday, September 30 as we explore how we are called to be Hands-On.

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Service Challenge: Being Hands-On • October 1 - October 31

So how can we be Hands-On? For the month of October, Pastor Eric would like everyone in our congregation to focus on serving in our community for at least 1 hour. Imaging the impact we could have on our community and those in need if we all served just 1 hour? You can lend a hand to a neighbor, serve at one of our local mission partners, or continue with your current volunteer jobs. Whatever or wherever it is, let’s show our love and commitment to God by being Hands-On! Our goal is a total of 1500 hours. Please join us in this exciting effort!

The time period to log our service hours has closed.
THANK YOU for all of the volunteering you did in the name of Jesus throughout the month of October! Together we served a total of 2894 hours!
We are blessed to have a congregation with a true heart for service. Check out the celebration video below.