"Game of Thrones Sermon Series • June 4 - June 25

In the age of Prophets and Kings, the Prophets were God’s voice for the nations of Israel and Judah. These prophets had the difficult task of staying faithful to God in the face of opposition, adversity, and pressure from powerful kings. Join us for Worship each Sunday of June as we learn valuable lessons of faithfulness and perseverance for our own spiritual journeys from these ancient stories.       

June 4: Prophet Elijah // I Kings 18:20-21

In the New Testament, James wrote, “Elijah was a man just like us” (James 5:17) yet his life was one of the most unique among the Old Testament prophets. For a time, God miraculously provided food using birds; and later, through a destitute but trusting widow. When going toe-to-toe with the Baal worshipers, God answered Elijah in a fiery display of His awesome power unrivaled anywhere among the prophets. Chased by a wicked king and pagan queen, he stood his ground and called Israel to allegiance to God alone. As Elijah faced adversity, both within and without, he succumbed to the same emotional ups and downs and felt the same exhaustion—even to the point of depression—that we do. Though the miracles that happened through him were unique, the God who worked through him is still working today in us. Elijah’s life has many personal as well as ministry lessons.

June 11: Prophet Jeremiah // Jeremiah 1:4-9

Jeremiah was called into ministry at an early age and God seemed to promise great things, yet his ministry was marked by great disappointment and hardship. His preaching was not well-received. He was beaten and imprisoned. At one point, he was lowered into a slimy pit and left to die. Somehow though, Jeremiah found a way to stay faithful to his calling over the long-haul despite opposition—and from a human point of view, despite much “fruit”. Jeremiah’s experience calls to mind our own. How do we stay in ministry for the long-haul? How do we persevere in the face of opposition? How do we connect with a God who both compels us to live for Him, yet allows us to experience disappointment? The answer lies in paying attention to the practices and experiences that replenish our souls, and abiding in the one who loves us.

June 18: Prophet Daniel // Daniel 1:1-7

Daniel was a man who refused to live as a passive victim of circumstance. If it hadn't been for the hostile takeover of Judah by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel's life would have been quite predictable. He would have attended a great school. He would have married a godly woman and would have occupied a prominent place in the temple. But life didn't turn out the way Daniel planned. Instead, he was forced to spend his life serving the Babylonian king. Yet, he decided to honor God and refused to eat the king's defiled food. Daniel's courage and initiative found great favor with Nebuchadnezzar. What do you do when you end up in Babylon? Do you find ways to persist, to endure, and to grow? Or do you betray your deepest commitments? Make a resolution to become spiritually resilient like Daniel.

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June 25: Prophet Ezekiel       

Pastor Melinda ‘Mindy’ L. McKonly will be our guest preacher this Sunday. Pastor Mindy was Senior Pastor of Asbury Church from 2000-2010. She is currently enjoying her retirement after more than thirty years in full-time ministry. Born and raised in Lancaster County, she graduated from Lancaster Theological Seminary in 1978 and served churches in Chester, Lehigh, Montgomery and Berks counties — as well as eight years as Superintendent of what is now the Northeast District of UMC.