"Fresh Eyes" Sermon Series • December 2 - December 16

The Christmas story is 2,000 years old and sometimes it feels as if we’ve heard it 2,000 times. As a result, we may no longer pay attention to the powerful nuances of the story. Join us for Worship this Advent season as we look at some specific characters in the Christmas story with “Fresh Eyes” and point out some plot twists that you might not be familiar with. In doing so, we will see some very helpful, practical, and inspiring new insights into this amazing story.

December 2: Something New // Luke 1:26-38

In part one of our series we will look at what the first Christmas was like for Mary, the mother of Jesus. If you’ve ever disagreed with how God is writing your story, then you’ll be encouraged by this message.

Sermon Notes and Daily Study Guide // Discussion Questions and Small Group Study Guide

December 9: Looking Up // Luke 2:8-14

We all have a filter that we use to view life and how you view life drives how you do life. When our past and our circumstances become the primary filter through which we view life, oftentimes the result is control, fear, anxiety, greed, or insecurity. But what does this have to do with Christmas? Everything! At Christmas, our Heavenly Father gave us a new way, a new filter, to view life and Him. In week two of this series we will be looking at what the shepherds saw on that first Christmas and how their view of life and God changed when they came in contact with the God of the Christmas story. When this happened, they saw God with fresh eyes. What happened to them can happen to us. It’s the beauty of Christmas.

Sermon Notes and Daily Study Guide // Discussion Questions and Small Group Study Guide

December 16: Show me a Sign // Matthew 2: 1-2, 9-11

We all have questions – questions about life, questions about God – and we want answers to those questions. The Magi in the Christmas story had questions too. They were searching for an answer to the meaning of life in the stars. But what if the answer to your deepest questions isn’t an answer? What if it’s a person? This week we will help you see Christmas in a new light by looking through the eyes of the “wise men from eastern lands.”

Join us for Christmas Eve Worship:

Sunday, December 23
Open Door: 5 PM, Worship Center

Monday, December 24
Traditional: 1 PM, 7 PM, & 9 PM, Sanctuary
Family Service: 3 PM, Sanctuary
Open Door: 4:15 PM, Worship Center