"Follow Me" Sermon Series • February 18 - March 25

Regardless of what you believe, regardless of how you behave, Jesus invites you to...follow Him. Following Jesus makes your life better and makes you better at life, but what does it look like to follow Jesus? Join us for our Lenten sermon series February 18 through March 25 to find out. 

February 18: The Invitation // Mark 8:34

Jesus says to pray. Jesus says not to look over there. Jesus says to be nice. Jesus says to get up early and read your Bible. Lots of people think Christianity is all about doing what Jesus says, but what if doing what Jesus says isn’t what Jesus says to do at all? Regardless of what you believe. Regardless of how you behave, Jesus invites you to . . . follow him.                                        

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February 25: Next Steps // Matthew 4:18-22

Religion says change and you can join us. Jesus says, join us and you will change. There’s a huge difference. Jesus doesn’t expect you to be perfect. He just wants you to follow him. Being a sinner doesn’t disqualify you from following him. Being an unbeliever doesn’t disqualify you from following him. In fact, following almost always begins with a sinner and unbeliever taking one small step.

March 4: No Fear // Luke 16:31-33

Sure, we want to follow Jesus, but where is he leading? What is the payoff to following him? Is it being a better person? Is it life in Heaven after we die? Is it a pain-free life? If you follow Jesus, you will be a better person. If you follow him, you will go to Heaven. If you follow him, you won’t have a pain-free life, but that’s okay because Jesus offers much more—a faith so strong it frees us from fear.

March 11: Making a Difference // Colossians 3:12-17

Everyone is invited to follow Jesus. Being a sinner doesn’t disqualify you. Being a doubter doesn’t disqualify you. The goal of following Jesus is a faith that overcomes fear of the future or our current circumstances. It’s a faith that gives us peace. But what do people who follow Jesus look like? What do they wear?

March 18: Paying a Price // Mark 8:34-38

During his time on earth Jesus invited misbehavers and unbelievers to follow him. We are all invited to follow him. You are invited to follow him. But there’s something you need to know about following Jesus. It will cost you something eventually. It may cost you money, career advancement, or even relationships. That’s because Jesus offers us the choice of denying ourselves now or losing ourselves later. But you’ll find that when you pay the price for following Jesus, you’ll be glad you did.

March 25: Following Gods Will // Luke 22:39-46

Most of us don’t become Christians with the intent of following Jesus. We become Christians because we were told obedience pays and disobedience doesn’t. We become Christians hoping that spirituality will fill a hole in our souls. We become Christians hoping God will fix us or fix someone we know. Eventually, our agendas clash with Jesus’ and we have to decide whether we’ll abandon Him or follow.