"David: A Man After God's Own Heart" Sermon Series • April 8 - May 20

Humble shepherd. Giant-slayer. Gifted poet. Mighty warrior. Flawed man. Legendary leader. David’s life was marked by seasons of great peace and prosperity as well as times of fear and despair. Yet, through all of the seasons in his life he had a deep desire to follow God’s will and do everything God wanted him to do. He was a man after God’s own heart. Join us for our next sermon series entitled "David: A Man After God's Own Heart" from April 8 through May 20 as we explore the characteristics of David's life to discover what that entails.

April 8: A Reluctant Hero // Psalm 25:1-5

David went from humble shepherd to national hero to great king, but he wasn't great because of his reputation or military prowess. He was great because of where he learned to place his hope.

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April 15: Killer Giants // Psalm 9:7-10           

The way of God is most unappealing when we are angry, isolated, or afraid. That’s when we consider things we would never otherwise consider. It's when we feel compelled to do something…anything. But maybe there's a better way.

Sermon Notes and Daily Study Guide // Discussion Questions and Small Group Study Guide

April 22: The Abigail Way // I Peter 3:8-12

The way of God isn't appealing when we have been wronged by someone else. Our natural urge is to try to get even. We want to wrong the people who wrong us as a way of getting payback. That seems just. It seems fair. But does it solve anything? Maybe there’s a better way.

April 29: #LoveLehighValley // NO WORSHIP SERVICES

This Sunday we will not have Worship services, or Sunday School, or Small Groups, or any activities at Asbury Church. Instead we will be taking part in a church-wide community service event with Faith Church, an Evangelical Free Church in Allentown, and several other churches to unleash over 2,000 servants into the community. There will be over 75 opportunities for people of all ages to serve between 8 AM and 4 PM. We will weed, spread mulch, plant flowers, paint schools, pack brown bag lunches, write letters to incarcerated men and women, and so much more. Click here to learn more.

May 6: The Great King // I Samuel 16:1-7

Few things are as repulsive as a leader, parent, boss, or politician who leverages influence for his or her benefit to the neglect of those he or she is responsible for. Few things are as inspiring as a leader who says no to himself or herself in order to say yes to those for whom he or she is responsible. So how can we lead well when authority is placed in our hands?

May 13: Mother's Day

Join us for a special Mother's Day sermon. We will have worship services at 8am, 9:30am and 11am, but we will not have our 5pm evening worship service. Enjoy your special day Moms!

May 20: When Dreams Can’t Come True // Psalm 25:4-5

Plans are great. Reality is greater. Reality wins. Things don’t always go as planned. Some dreams don’t come true. So what do you do when you discover your dream can’t come true?