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The purpose of this form is to provide Asbury members with a convenient form to get a message out to Asbury and it's community.

Please complete all required sections (marked with an *) of this form as this will help our contacts best describe and distribute your event/item. Upon submitting this form, it will be distributed to the key communication contact(s) at Asbury. Our list of mediums include: The Vine, the Asbury Update email, our web site (www.asburylv.org), our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), AsburyTV (Welcome Center and Parlor), street signs and handouts to our Preschool Program. 

You must provide text that is ready to be published in order for your request to be processed.  

Please Note All items are published at the discretion of the Director of Communications. Date ranges of publicity will be honored as possible but our publicity mediums do have certain restrictions. When possible, please provide your content several days in advance of your requested publicity.

If you have any questions regarding this form or any communication needs, email .

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