Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is harmony with God and others - God’s dream for the human race. All are welcome in God’s Kingdom; won’t you join Christians past and present in being a Kingdom bringer?

We all have dreams. Some dream big dreams while others dream small, but we all have dreams. Did you ever wonder – what is God’s dream? If you looked at God’s to-do list, what would be item one?

I think I know. More than anything else, God wants to see His kingdom come. God had a plan when the world was created – a plan for all to live in community and harmony with God and each other. Sin dashed the plan, so God set out to see the dream restored.

How? Jesus announced that he had come to bring the Good News of the Kingdom of God! (Mk 1:14-15). Many saw the Kingdom breaking in around them. Lepers were healed. Broken relationships were restored. Cold, hard hearts became warm and tender. The power of sin and death was defeated on the cross.

The Book of Revelation says one day we will see the Kingdom of God in its fullness. But we can see part of it now! Whenever we see the Gospel change a heart, the Kingdom breaks through. When we see people flow their resources to help the poor, the Kingdom breaks through. When grace replaces judgment, when love replaces hate, when hope replaces despair – the Kingdom breaks through! 

This Lent, look for signs of the Kingdom breaking through in your world. And be a Kingdom bringer! Be the hands and feet, the mouth and eyes of the one who sent us into the world to bear witness to the coming of the Kingdom! Every time you are generous, every time you act with grace, every time you share your faith in our Risen Lord you are a Kingdom bringer!

I rejoice that Asbury has so many Kingdom bringers. May you be blessed as you bring God’s Kingdom into our broken world!

Mark Moore
Sr. Pastor, Asbury United Methodist Church