Are you struggling with Christmas shopping for that friend or relative who seems to have everything and needs nothing?  Does Uncle Joe really want or need another tie?  Here’s a suggestion to make gift-buying more meaningful this Christmas season.  Through Gifts from the Heart you may choose from 90 gifts to our mission partners that can be given in honor of your friends.  Gifts range in price from $1 to $4,000 so there is a gift in everyone’s price range.  Come back to the true meaning of Christmas with gifts that will make a difference.  Visit the Gifts from the Heart table between services during Advent in the Parlor and Lower Welcome Center. 


Gifts from the Heart 2013

Allentown Rescue Mission:

$5 – Three meals on Christmas

$15 – Watch so that a man can be on time for work

$15 – Leather belt for wearing with Work Clothing

$100 – Computer monitor for the resource room so that men can look for work



$50— one semester of Jr/Sr High Education for one youth

$50 – Inoculations for 100 women

$215 – provision and shipping of a barrel to Liberia


Sixth Street Shelter:

$10 gift cards from the dollar store or super market for laundry detergent and cleaning supplies for each family

$200.00 for painting supplies including brushes, rollers, pans, tape, spackle, etc.


Everlasting Life Ministries:

$3.50 supplies a Holiday Meal

$15.00 supplies a bag of groceries for a family of four


Boake Family:

$50 supplies a child with school supplies


Emerging Minsitries, North Philadelphia:

$25 feeds the students’ lunch for one day

$125 feeds the students’ lunch for a week

$20 for a durable Teen Study Bible

$125 for a month of School for one pupil


Cookson Hills:

$25 for one week’s Firewood


La Trinidad:

$300 to sponsor a child for a week of camp


Allentown Thrift Shop:

$100 to heat the store for a week


Eastern PA Camping (Gretna Glen, Innabah, Pocono Plateau) (Northeast District Mission Project):

$5 for Challenge Course Supplies

$10 for a Carabineer for the Rope Course

$15 for Basketball or Soccer Ball

$25 for Children’s Fishing Set

$100 towards Camp Budget/Debt Reduction

$150 helps to send one child to summer camp

(let us know designation of Eastern PA Camp desired, Pocono Plateau is default)



$8.21 provides one blizzard bag(delivered when winter storms are approaching)

$14.44 provides one hot and one cold meal

$70 provides one week of meals

$140 provides two weeks of meals

$303 provides one month of meals

$909 provides three months of meals

$1818 provides six months of meals


Goats as Gifts

$15 School bag for a child

$25 socks for family

$50 shoes for family

$75 one goat for family

$110 two goats for family

$150 for a business start-up


Teen Haven

$120 Sponsor a child/teen to attend a weekend retreat at Teen Haven Camp

$50 Sponsor an urban teen to participate in the Teen Haven RESTORE Leadership Development Program

$20 Bible study and discipleship materials for a Teen Haven youth

$15 Sports equipment for Teen Haven outreach programs (basketball, football, etc)


UMCOR Disaster Relief

$8 Birthing Kit

$11 School Kit

$12 Health Kit

$18 Sewing Kit

$35 Layette Kit

$50 Bedding Kit

$55 Cleaning Bucket


blood:water mission

$1 One year of safe water for an individual

$50 provides a community latrine to promote healthy sanitation practices

$125 one bio-sand water filter for a family of six

$300 one year of comprehensive HIV treatment & care for an individual

$2000 provide for one well repair

$5000 provide one new well


Society of St Andrew

$6 provide distribution of 100lbs of fresh produce/potatoes

$60 provide distribution of 1000lbs of fresh produce/potatoes

$120 provide distribution of a ton (2000#) of fresh produce/potatoes


Second Harvest Food Bank (of the Lehigh Valley)

$1 provide distribution of 9 Lbs of food (~7 meals)

$3 provide distribution of a week’s worth of food for one person

$12 provide distribution of a week’s worth of food for a family of 4

$52 provide distribution of a month’s worth of food for a family of 4

$103 provide distribution of two months’ worth of food for a family of 4


Lehigh County Conference of Churches

$15 provides bus ticket for impoverished patient to get to medical appointments

$28 provides 100 meals in Ecumenical Soup Kitchen

$35 pays for antibiotics for a sick mother

$50 provide dinner for Very Important Parenting teens workshop

$55 provides monthly bus fare for an unemployed person looking for work

$80 provides a month of fresh eggs for breakfast for the Daybreak drop-in center

$100 will furnish a room for a homeless man at Grace House

$100 provides a nutrition expert to conduct an Aspires Teen Iron Chef Class

$250 provides a monthly supply of insulin for a diabetic


Greg Miller

$8 provides a soft cover Bible in Spanish for a prisoner

$10 provides a complete Bible Correspondence Course for one prisoner

$100 provides 200 DVDs of a multi-language version of the Jesus Film for Christmas distribution


Andrew Breitenberg

$100 provides a beautiful, color mural in a South Africa slum, to bring hope, dignity and life


Jewels of Hope

$12 provides a pair of school shoes for one child

$20 provides transportation for one child to summer camp at the beach

$50 pays the way for one child to have a summer camp experience at the beach


Campus Target:

$44 – Support a missionary in China for one day

$50 – help train ministry leaders in China to share the Gospel

$100 – help build a program to send more missionaries to China



$25— provides a school bag loaded with supplies for a Nepalese child


Mpasa Medical Clinic & Nutrition Center (Congo) (Northeast District Mission Project):

$5 – Provides 20 nutritious meals to malnourished children

$10 – Provides 40 nutritious meals to malnourished children

$20 – Provides a daily nutritious meal for 3 children for a month

$50 – Provide one month of a nutritionist on staff

$100 – Provides one months’ worth of gloves or syringes

$675 – Provides one month for 5 nurses and 4 assistants on staff

$1000 – Provides one months’ worth of medications