"Navigate Cancer through Mindful Movement" is an 8 week program for people touched by cancer, going through treatment, or in recovery. Mindful movement initiates the relaxation response, activates the muscles stretch receptors in the muscles which increases blood flow into these areas and can promote healing in the body as tissues, organs and systems receive nourishment from the improved blood flow. Mindful Movement also has the ability to:

• Reduce muscle tension and habituated tension patterns
• Promote self-healing and functional improvements
• Decrease anxiety and depression
• Improve overall health and feelings of well-being
• Reduce effects of neuropathy and lymphedema
• Improve sleep
• Create a sense of community

Each session consists of
• Relaxation Techniques
• Breathing Practices
• Guided Imagery
• Movement Practice
• Group Support

Join us weekly from January 14 - March 3 at 2 PM in room 108. Class led by Jamie Laputka, a professional yoga instructor.