The following is a letter from Tim Lebrecht, Chair of Asbury's Church Council:

Several weeks ago we had a Congregational Chat to get feedback on the facility closure and door locking policy that was started in September.  I thank everyone for sharing their thoughts and stories - both positive and negative.  The door locking and facility closing time were rolled out as part of the safety and security process within the church.  The feedback was clear that we had enhanced security, but at times was at the expense of accessibility of the facility.  To better address the balance of security, accessibility, and hospitality, a joint meeting of the Trustees, Church Council and the Spiritual Focus Team (a new group focused on the health of small groups within the church) was held.

I am glad to report that we have come to a compromise and believe this will better allow us to further the mission of the church while maintaining the safety and security of those using our facility.  Effective January 1, 2020, we are making the following changes:

· The building closing time will be 9 PM, moved back a half-hour from the prior 8:30 PM. A request is made that all groups attempt to be finished by 9 PM.

· For groups with Asbury members that have a need to stay past the 9 PM closing time, we have created a way to allow that exception: those groups can identify key people within their groups to be trained on how to close the area of the building their group is using.  These people will be trained on the closing procedure, which is currently being drafted by a joint team of the group that met on November 26 and will be administrated by Asbury’s Business Manager.

· Doors will remain unlocked until 8:30 PM. Upon the locking of the doors, the custodians will start the facility closure procedure.

· The lights in the parking lot are on a timer and will remain lit until a time that will be between 9:30 PM and 10 PM.

We believe this will allow the mission of Asbury to be furthered and allow us to be a better host to those using the church facility.  Further communication will come about this change.  Thank you again for your feedback to this point, and please continue to provide insights and feedback by contacting myself and other members of Church Council at .

Tim Lebrecht, Chair of Asbury’s Church Council