Asbury’s Board of Trustees, the committee charged with ensuring the maintenance, upkeep, and safety of the building and grounds, would like to communicate the following actions which have been approved at their recent meetings:

· Approval for a new “door locking schedule” (approved on August 26). This means the church doors will be locked 15 minutes after the last meeting begins each evening.

· Approval for the donation of a console piano was accepted and is now in Room 102 (the Choir Room).

· Approval for a “soft” transition to address the closing of the building following the conclusion of meetings through December 31, 2019; and beginning January 1, 2020, the Facility Use Policy as-written will be in effect. This includes the stipulation that all meetings in Asbury’s building must conclude by 8:30 pm. The Facility Use Policy can be accessed on Asbury’s website.

· Approval for the re-keying of the church office suite area.

· Approval for the renaming of the Security Committee to the Safety Committee.

· Approval to extend an invitation to local police to visit Asbury on Sundays, as well as other days, to begin acting on the recommendations from the Safety Committee to become a more secure facility.

Questions or concerns? Please contact the Board of Trustees at  .