Asbury Leadership Report on our Capital Campaign

In June, we started discussing the urgent need to repair the church roof.  We reviewed the roof report by Sobeck Roof Consulting and then requested they act as our project manager.  The company will perform the following on our behalf:

1) Prepare a bid package for the replacement of the roof section A & D as well as leaks in roof B (see roof report)

2) Send out a bid package to roofing contractors

3) Review submitted bids and recommend a contractor for the job

4) Review work in progress for quality and completeness

5) Prepare a final report with warranties, inspection reports and photographs

The work is anticipated to begin in mid-August (weather permitting) and completed by end of October 2019.

In support of this roofing contract, we also had discussion with American Bank for a construction loan in an amount up to $350,000.00 (minus the amount raised in the Capital Campaign) to cover the cost of the roof and the repair of the sanctuary wall.  We plan to have the loan in place by the time the work starts.

Any questions about the roof repair or the bank loan should be directed to Israel Olivieri at the church office or Church Leadership ( Tim Lebrecht, Diane Antal, Fulton Brown, Vendel Peter).

For more information on the Capital Campaign, visit our Capital Campaign page.