LAY READERS: The list of people willing to read Scripture in worship is being updated (8:00 & 11:00 AM services September—May; 10:30 AM service in the summer). If you are willing to be a Lay Reader and are not currently on the list, please contact Laurie Wallace Theisen ( ). 

MULTIMEDIA TECHNICIANS: This is a one- to two-Sunday commitment a month opportunity. We are especially in need of 11:00 AM Multimedia Technicians. You will not be responsible for creating the slide deck for the service, but just advancing the slides during the service. High school students and adults are welcome! For more information, contact Cyndi Frank (610-799-6079 or ).

TEAM USHERS: This is a once-a-month commitment for the 11:00 AM service, and is a fun way to meet fellow Asbury members. Training will be provided. For more information, contact Cyndi Frank (610-799-6079 or ).

COMMUNION STEWARDS & SERVERS: Volunteers are needed to assist with preparing and serving the elements for communion at the Sanctuary worship services. For information on serving as a communion steward, please contact Cindy Brown ( If you’d like to know more about helping to distribute the elements during the worship services, please contact Sara Brown ( ).