Asbury Church is fortunate to have a caring and concerned congregation when it comes to the needs of the church. Sometimes, however, we receive donated items for which we have no current need or already have such an item. Accordingly, the Board of Trustees is asking that any potential donation of an item or items be screened for current need. Going forward, if you have an item to donate which you think the church might be able to use, please contact Israel Olivieri, our Church Business Manager, who will screen the item(s) for current need. If your item is not needed, there are several local charities or organizations who may benefit from your donation(s), such as the ReStore in Whitehall, Goodwill Thrift Shoppe, Salvation Army Thrift Store, etc. Alternatively, item(s) could be donated for the AIM Yard Sale in June or the UMW Bazaar in November. Thanks for your understanding and consideration!