Did you know that you can support Asbury Church’s mission and programs while you shop at your favorite retailers? If you use a gift card purchased from Asbury Church to pay for your purchases, Asbury can use the rebate it receives to support its vital programs. 

Here are examples of the available gift cards:

  • $25 Weis Markets = 5% Asbury rebate
  • $25 Giant Foods = 4% Asbury rebate

If, for example, you buy a combination of groceries and gasoline of $200 per month from Giant Foods using a gift card from Asbury, you would be contributing $8 per month to Asbury or $96 per year. Likewise the same amount of purchases from Weis Markets would contribute $10 per month or $120 per year. While this may not seem like a large amount, if 100 families would spend $200 per month on gift cards this could contribute an extra $10,000 to support Asbury’s programs with no additional cost to Asbury members. 

Many churches in the Lehigh Valley are using this gift card program and Asbury will begin a trial run with this program in May. Initially we have purchased gift cards for Weis Markets and Giant Foods for resale to Asbury members. If this trial period is well received by our members, we will expand the list of retailers to include others that Asbury members use on a regular basis.

On Sundays throughout May and June gift cards will be available for purchase using cash or check in the Community Room between services. Be sure to stop by and pick up your gift card!