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Finance Committee

Capital Campaign COMPLETED!!

In the midst of a challenging time, we still have much to celebrate!  Thanks to your amazing generosity, we have reached our goal for the Capital Campaign of $350,000! Praise God!! Thank you to all who supported this important initiative; and continue to watch for updates on project progress in the coming months.

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Capital Campaign Update - March 11, 2020

We’ve made great progress in the Capital Campaign. In fact, we’re nearing the goal! But we still need your help! Here’s where the 4 projects of the Capital Campaign stand: Sanctuary Wall: COMPLETE! The Sanctuary wall was completed along with the pressure washing and sealing of the entire exterior of the building. Cost: $51,000. Memorial Garden Retaining Wall: Bid approved! The Trustees have approved a bid for the retaining wall by the Memorial Garden. We hope that work will begin sho ...

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A Note from Finance Committee - Online Giving

You can help Asbury change lives! Digital (Electronic) giving makes giving meaningful, simple, and fast! With giving to the Church with PushPay you can choose the frequency, just one time or recurring. Recurring giving can happen every week, every 2 weeks, monthly, or bi-monthly. WIth PushPay you are in control! Contact the church office or visit www.pushpay,com for more information!

Update on Capital Campaign (February 20, 2020)

Numbers through the end of 2019 are compiled and the total amount received is now $318,372.33; leaving $31,627.67 to reach the goal of $350,000.

A Note from Asbury's Finance Committee

A Note From Asbury's Finance Committee:

Thank you to all who have returned their 2020 Commitment cards! Please also remember that if you are an electronic giver and increased your 2020 contribution(s) you will also need to update your PushPay account.

Update on Capital Campaign (December 17, 2019)

We've rolled the $50K Challenge into the overall Capital Campaign report, which means that the Capital Campaign as is now at nearly 86% of the goal ($299,875 of $350,000). Thanks for your continued generosity! Visit for more information on the campaign.

Year-End Giving at Asbury

The last opportunity for contributing tithes and offerings to the church in the 2019 calendar year will be Monday, December 30, 2019. Per IRS rules, the effective date of a contribution is when it is delivered to the church: ·      A check deposited in the offering in January 2020 cannot be deducted in 2019 even if it is backdated to 2019. Checks that are mailed to the church and postmarked by December 31, 2019 are deductible in 2019 even though not received by the church un ...

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Sponsor a Lift for Maintenance at Asbury

An opportunity has come for Asbury to purchase a lift that would assist with maintenance duties around the church. Currently the custodial staff needs to erect scaffolding to service lights and some equipment in the Sanctuary and Wesley Center. The parking lot lights have to be serviced by a contractor because of our inability to reach the light standards with the equipment we have on-hand. The purchase of this lift will allow these tasks to happen more quickly and safely by in-house staff. The Finance Comm ...

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Help Complete the $50K Challenge!

As a congregation, we've matched over 75% of the $50K Challenge! If you're not familiar with this challenge, an anonymous family made a $50,000 contribution to Asbury's Capital Campaign, but with a challenge to the congregation to match that amount. We're so grateful for your contributions to this challenge so far. Asbury's Church Council, Trustees, Finance Committee view this as Asbury's top priority and if you have not yet contributed, ask that you'll consider making a donation to this cause a priority in ...

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Mortgage Update - October 2019

The Finance Committee is happy to announce that so far this year we have collected $62K towards the mortgage reduction and a payment has been made to Wells Fargo in that amount.  

Please continue to support this effort to make Asbury debt free.

Questions or comments? Contact the Finance Commitee at .

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