Prison Ministry

In today’s society, rare is the person who does not know someone, or is related to someone, who is, or was, in prison. Eighty-five per cent of those in prison are there directly, or in-directly, as a result of drugs and/or alcohol. They have simply made bad choices, just as we have. They need someone who cares.

Serving the spiritual needs of individuals in the correctional system is a good fit for those interested in interfaith spiritual care. Prison ministry puts you in a setting where many religions and spiritual paths may be followed, including none at all. To be effective at prison ministry, you need to be willing to work with and empathize with, inmates, families and staff, embracing any number of belief systems.

Asbury would like to offer an opportunity to those who might feel the calling to minister to those in a correctional facility. One of our longtime Asbury members, Charles (Chuck) Goodge, has been ministering to inmates in the Lehigh County Jail for many years and has found it to be extremely rewarding. He is looking for other Asbury members who may want to be a part of this important ministry.

There are different ways you can be involved:
    • You can lead a bible study
    • Provide spiritual advising
    • Write letters to inmates
    • Purchase bibles to be sent directly to the prison

For those who feel they might be interested, please contact Chuck Goodge directly at  or 610-209-6199. He will explain the policies and procedures and give an overview of the different ways you can be a part of this ministry. For those who think they may want to become involved in prison ministry, there is no obligation, but Chuck can arrange for you to visit the prison as his guest so you can get a feel for what this ministry it all about.