Hey everyone!!

I hope you're all having a great week!!


I wanted to post an update on our young adult group, the ARMADA.

We had our first Bible study and I'd say it was a success (although I was leading it, so I am a little partial.)  We had eight people show up to start studying the book Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado.  Everyone seemed to like the book and I, personally, look forwrd to our next study of it. 


As for what's next... here's an update:

Bible studies
First off, I wanted to touch base about Saturday.  In case you didn't see it in the bulletin or Asbury Update, we'll be meeting again at 7:45pm on Saturday evening at Leah Silvonek's house (
me if you need her address).  We're continuing our study of Facing Your Giants, a book by Max Lucado. You don't need to read ahead of time, the chapters are pretty short and we're actually just reading it at the beginning of the Bible study. 
We all like to eat, so please bring something to share.  We'll also get some serious rivalries going with some board game action before we delve into Facing Your Giants so if you have a board game you'd like to play, please bring it along!  Please let me know if you're planning to come or not, so I can let Leah know a ballpark number and we can make sure we have enough seats and drinks.

Pastor Eric announced in church yesterday morning that Asbury will be starting a church-wide study of the book If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat for Lent. Pastor Eric has asked that we switch our study to that book as well.  (
Here's a link to some info on it.) So... this coming Saturday we'll still read Facing Your Giants, but I'd like to switch to If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat the meeting after that.  Is everyone ok with that switch?  We can come back to Facing Your Giants, if we want, after Lent.  If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat is, I believe, $18.99 (I have to double check.)  I haven't read enough of it yet to know if we can do the same thing with it as we planned for Facing Your Giants (reading it at the beginning of Bible study.) 

On a "more fun" note...
Thursday, March 17th is Winter Jam in Reading!  David Crowder, Newsboys, Kutless, Sidewalk Prophets and many other bands will be performing at the Sovereign C
enter for only $10!!  A few of us (who are youth leaders) are planning to take some youth down to the concert, if you'd like to meet us there, let me know. Here's some more info on Winter Jam, it's going to be awesome!  Let me know if you're interested!

Ideas needed...

When we originally met to see what everyone was looking for out of a young adult group, it seemed like the majority of people were looking for a Bible study but also some fun outing type nights (like our first bowling night was.)  We decided, at least to start off, we'd meet every other Saturday and every 4th meeting (so once every other month) we'd go out and do something, rather than having a Bible study.  Sticking with that plan, the next "outing" is April 2nd, so a little ways away but I wanted to start getting some ideas as to what you might want to do for that night.  April 2nd is a Saturday... so hit me... what do you want go out and do as a group?

Hope to see you all on Saturday!