Congregational Care

Congregational Care Ministries at Asbury Church offers encouragement, care, support and prayer to individuals in our church family who are at various stages, places and circumstances of life. The purpose of the Congregational Care Team is to respond to the spiritual, emotional, physical, and relational needs of our congregation and to engage the congregation in service and community for one another. We have a network of people who are dedicated to being the hands and feet of Christ and we are always seeking additional volunteers for our care teams. To join any of these wonderful care ministries, or to receive care from our team, please contact the church office at 610-398-2577.

Visitation Care 

The Keep in Touch lay ministry team provides a ministry of presence for Asbury members who are in hospitals or who are confined to their homes or retirement communities, in order to be a living reminder of God’s love and to help them stay connected with their church community. Please contact the church office if you or a family member desire a visit(s) from the Keep in Touch team. (Please note: If you would like a visit during your hospital stay it is especially helpful to tell the hospital staff to add that request to your registration information when you are admitted. Or have a family member/friend call the Church office so we know where/how to reach you.)

Grief Care

Congregational Care and the Health Ministry teams of Asbury Church cooperate to provide multiple on-going opportunities of grief support as well as special short-term and individual sessions to assist in dealing with your loss. Contacts are made with bereaved members on the six-month and one-year anniversaries of a death for two years following the date of death. Please contact the church if we can assist you in any way following a loss in your life.

Meal Care

The congregational care team has frozen meals available to provide short-term assistance to new mothers and those who are recovering from illness or hospitalization, or involved in rehabilitation or chemotherapy. These will be delivered as pastors and lay visitors are made aware of needs for meals.

Ride Care

The Congregational Care team has a group of volunteers who are available to provide rides for medical appointments, rehabilitation visits, chemotherapy or radiation treatments and to church services. Please contact the church office if you need a ride at a specific time and place and as available a driver will be contacted for you.



Your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being is important. Asbury Church is happy to offer one-on-one faith-based counseling for all ages as a way of addressing the challenges of daily living. If you believe that you would benefit from exploring your concerns with a Graduate level trained therapist you are invited to contact our Director of Congregational Care for an appointment. Based on his schedule, he will meet with members and friends of Asbury for an initial one or two counseling session(s) at no fee. If additional therapy is requested, he will support you in finding an appropriate referral or assist you in provisions for continuation.  

Communion Care

The pastors and lay Eucharistic teams serve communion to the home-bound and those residing in nursing homes or retirement communities on a quarterly basis throughout the year. If you desire communion service at your residence, please contact the church in order to be included on the visitation schedule.

Circle of Life Care

Congregational care seeks to provide educational experiences for various developmental and situational issues in the lives of church members, such as parenting, aging parents, and end-of-life education. These are scheduled as one-day seminars or as short-term Sunday morning classes. Please contact the Director of Congregational Care with your ideas and needs for educational experiences that would be of assistance to you.


Health Ministry 

The mission of Asbury's Health Ministry is to integrate health and faith through encouraging individuals to live healthier lives. The program was developed 15 years ago to offer holistic coping skills through mind, body and spirit. We attempt to guide personal health through counseling, education, and referrals to community resources. We offer health screenings, grief support, maintain safety kits for travel and all classrooms, and promote sanitary procedures with hand sanitizer. We do monthly blood pressure screenings, publish health tips in “The Vine” and on the health bulletin board, and organize blood drives. Anyone can be a part of our Ministry - please join us!

"I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. 

By this everyone will know that you are my disciple, if you have love for one another."  

John 13:34-35