Capital Campaign

In October 2018, we began a Capital Campaign to fund critical maintenance repairs to our building. John Wesley believed in caring for the poor and supporting missions, but he also believed that buildings were important tools for drawing people to Christ and  preparing saints for ministry. If we are to continue to do those things we must be able to repair the problems with our building. 

Maintenance projects may not be exciting missions or ministries, but they are critical for the future of Asbury Church. No, the church is not a building, and buildings can never serve to be the purpose of our ministry, but buildings are important tools and, if maintained well, can serve the church for generations to come. Our goal is to raise $350,000 for the following projects: new roof, repairs to the wall in Sanctuary, repair the retaining wall in the Memorial Garden, HVAC replacements.

We determined that if everyone were able to give $750 we would raise the needed funds for our vital building maintenance projects. So we are asking for that level of contribution if you are able – “$750… Are You In?”

Please consider contributing toward our Capital Campaign goal so that we may complete these vital maintenance repairs.

Please view the video below for an update provided by Church Leadership during worship on Sunday, February 24, 2019.