Capital Campaign Complete!!

In the midst of a challenging time, we still have much to celebrate!  Thanks to your amazing generosity, we have reached our goal for the Capital Campaign of $350,000 as of April 19, 2020! Praise God!! Thank you to all who supported this important initiative; and continue to watch for updates on project progress in the coming months.

Previous updates on this campaign are below

Capital Campaign

In October 2018, we began a Capital Campaign to fund critical maintenance repairs to our building. John Wesley believed in caring for the poor and supporting missions, but he also believed that buildings were important tools for drawing people to Christ and  preparing saints for ministry. If we are to continue to do those things we must be able to repair the problems with our building. 

Maintenance projects may not be exciting missions or ministries, but they are critical for the future of Asbury Church. No, the church is not a building, and buildings can never serve to be the purpose of our ministry, but buildings are important tools and, if maintained well, can serve the church for generations to come. Our goal is to raise $350,000 for the following projects: new roof, repairs to the wall in Sanctuary, repair the retaining wall in the Memorial Garden, HVAC replacements.

In September 2019, Pastor Eric announced a gift and challenge given by a family in Asbury's Congregation. They donated $50,000 towards the Capital Campaign and challenged the congregation to match that $50,000. For more information on that challenge, read Pastor Eric's letter to the congregation.

Please consider contributing toward our Capital Campaign goal so that we may complete these vital maintenance repairs.

Progress report as of February 20, 2020

Project status as of March 5, 2020

Please view the video below for an update provided by Church Leadership during worship on Sunday, February 24, 2019.

Update: July 24, 2019

In June, we started discussing the urgent need to repair the church roof.  We reviewed the roof report by Sobeck Roof Consulting and then requested they act as our project manager.  The company will perform the following on our behalf:

1) Prepare a bid package for the replacement of the roof section A & D as well as leaks in roof B (see roof report)

2) Send out a bid package to roofing contractors

3) Review submitted bids and recommend a contractor for the job

4) Review work in progress for quality and completeness

5) Prepare a final report with warranties, inspection reports and photographs

The work is anticipated to begin in mid-August (weather permitting) and completed by end of October 2019.

In support of this roofing contract, we also had discussion with American Bank for a construction loan in an amount up to $350,000.00 (minus the amount raised in the Capital Campaign) to cover the cost of the roof and the repair of the sanctuary wall.  We plan to have the loan in place by the time the work starts.

Any questions about the roof repair or the bank loan should be directed to Israel Olivieri at the church office or Church Leadership ( Tim Lebrecht, Diane Antol, Fulton Brown, Vendel Peter).

Update: September 30, 2019

Leadership Update – Roof Project

  As we enter the Fall season, Asbury’s leadership would like to update everyone on the roof repair project and on the progress of the capital campaign.

The roof project was kicked off during the summer.   Project bid documents were approved and released to bidders during August.  Bids were requested from at least 8 roofing contractors but only two (2)  were received.  Disappointingly neither were approved due to cost and schedule issues.  Asbury is still focused on completion of the project as soon as possible.     Many bidders, through direct communication with the church and our project consultant, would like to bid on the roof project but were unable to do so due to a backlog of other projects taking place in our community.  In light of these market conditions, the roof team will rebid the project in January, 2020, with the goal of starting construction once the weather breaks in the Spring.  Our consultants agree with this approach.  The expectation is that rebidding in the winter could yield a timely schedule and cost benefits.  The roofing project team thanks the Asbury community for their gifts to the project to date.  The goal remains to complete a quality project safely, quickly, and affordably.  

The Capital Campaign continues to grow steadily.  We were excited to announce the receipt of a $50,000 Challenge Gift.  To date, eight(8) families have risen to the challenge and have contributed an additional $32,250.  Please prayerfully consider your participation in this challenge.

As always, we welcome your feedback.  Please direct any questions, comments or concerns to: Church Council (, Board of Trustees (trustees@asburylv,org), and/or the Finance Committee (

Update: November 5, 2019

We're excited to share that improvements to Asbury's building as part of the ongoing Capital Campaign are underway!

The first step was a thorough power washing of the building. This work was completed by Frank Cseve General Contractor, who is continuing to work on sealing the building exterior as well as making repairs to the interior of the Sanctuary wall. This work has been contracted at an estimated cost of $55,000.

Additionally, there is currently work underway to replace four (4) HVAC units on the Wesley Center section of Asbury's roof (unrelated to the roof replacement). This work has been contracted to Burkholder's HVAC, our long-time vendor, at an estimated cost of $27,000. These units service areas of the building where forced air comes from installed ductwork. Many of Asbury's classrooms are serviced by individual PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) units. Out of the total 50 PTAC units in Asbury's building, 5 have been replaced in the past 2 years. Furthermore, the Trustees have commissioned a subcommittee to review the HVAC work that has been done in recent years and develop a strategy for future HVAC unit replacements.

As previously communicated, bids for the roof replacement will be sent during the winter months with the hopes of starting work as early in the spring as possible. Updates on this process will be communicated as they come.

Contributions can be made at by selecting "Capital Campaign" on the drop-down menu under "Fund".

Thank you for your continued support!

Update: November 14, 2019

The Trustees are pleased to share the following Capital Campaign update:

The previously communicated work being completed by Frank Cseve General Contractor is nearly complete. The most recent item completed was the replacement of the broken lintels of the Worship Center windows. The contractor has been paid 60% of the cost of the total project, with final 40% payment due after final inspection/walkthrough.

Additionally, at its October meeting, the Trustees approved a plan to replace the retaining wall adjacent to the Memorial Garden. This project was approved as part of the current Capital Campaign.  After interviewing and accepting bids from several contractors, Klase Landscape Contractors/Tall Timbers Nursery was approved for the work. The replacement will consist of a single, 4-foot high Versalok SCT block wall. While the final details are being worked out (color of the block, color of the stone backfill, etc), the cost estimate for this project is $23,000. This work is tentatively scheduled to begin after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Update: November 21, 2019

As a congregation, we've matched over 75% of the $50K Challenge! If you're not familiar with this challenge, an anonymous family made a $50,000 contribution to Asbury's Capital Campaign, but with a challenge to the congregation to match that amount. We're so grateful for your contributions to this challenge so far. Asbury's Trustees and Finance Committee view this as Asbury's top priority and if you have not yet contributed, ask that you'll consider making a donation to this cause a priority in your giving so that we can celebrate its completion by collecting the remaining $12,425 by the end of 2019.

Thanks to your generosity, the amount needed to complete the Capital Campaign is down to $108,000; and the amount needed to complete the $50K Challenge is now just $2125.00!!

This week we received a donation that completed our $50K Challenge for the Capital Campaign! Thank you to all who generously gave to this challenge. The Capital Campaign as a whole is now at 71% of the goal ($247K/$350K).

We've rolled the $50K Challenge into the overall Capital Campaign report, which means that the Capital Campaign as is now at nearly 86% of the goal ($299,875 of $350,000).

Numbers through the end of 2019 are compiled and the total amount received is now $318,372.33; leaving $31,627.67 to reach the goal of $350,000.

We’ve made great progress in the Capital Campaign. In fact, we’re nearing the goal! But we still need your help!

Here’s where the 4 projects of the Capital Campaign stand:

Sanctuary Wall: COMPLETE!

The Sanctuary wall was completed along with the pressure washing and sealing of the entire exterior of the building.
Cost: $51,000.

Memorial Garden Retaining Wall: Bid approved!

The Trustees have approved a bid for the retaining wall by the Memorial Garden. We hope that work will begin shortly given the light winter that we had.
Estimated cost: $23,000.

Roof Replacement: Bidding in progress; target of spring replacement

Invitations were sent out to 8 prospective bidders, and we received 4 bids. The Trustees have that information and will be meeting shortly with the bid review committee. The projected timing for replacement is spring.
Cost: TBD

HVAC Replacements: In progress

We've replaced nine units in various rooms/ offices as well as the entire HVAC system for the Wesley Center addition hallways.
Cost as part of the Capital Campaign: $40,000.

Here’s where we need your help: as of today, the in-hand amount is just $27,022.67 short of the goal of $350,000 for this campaign. We’re so grateful for all of your generosity and are again asking you to prayerfully consider a contribution to this campaign to help it reach completion!

The fundraising goal of the Capital Campaign has been reached!

In the midst of a challenging time, we still have much to celebrate!  Thanks to your amazing generosity, we have reached our goal for the Capital Campaign of $350,000! Praise God!! Thank you to all who supported this important initiative; and continue to watch for updates on project progress in the coming months.

The Memorial Garden retaining wall is near completion!