About Our Building

Asbury's building includes a Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall and a 15,000 square foot multipurpose facility (Wesley Center) in addition to a number of classrooms. On the upper floor at the elevator lobby, and on the lower floor, just inside our downstairs entrance, Asbury has Welcome Centers where you can receive help to get where you need to go on a Sunday morning. Our office is located on the lower level, just past the interior set of doors when coming through the main lower entrance. Our building is handicap accessible and also air-conditioned.

Stained Glass
The three large lancet windows in the sanctuary, designed for Asbury by Willet Studio, convey their message by means of abstract symbolism and decorative pattern. The Trinity is the principal theme. This is symbolized by the hand of God the Father, a cross and the dove of the Holy Spirit, superimposed one on top of each other in large scale, in the center of the window. The central cross in warm tones is most prominent.

stainedglasssanct.jpgThe flesh-colored hand, cupped to hold elements of the universe, is seen next. A circle representing the earth is at the upper left. Colors and pattern show the earth, the water, a tree -- the triangle. Afloat in other parts of the window are circles to indicate the sun, moon and stars. The sun is the orange disc at the upper right.

The white areas overlaid with a pattern reminiscent of feathers recall the wings of the Holy Spirit dove.

The background of the upper part of the window is the deep blue of outer space. At the top center, a red area overlaid with pyramidal lines symbolizes the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, or the book of Revelation.

The earth tones at the bottom suggest the land. On the lower left and right are the symbols of Baptism and Communion: the Sacraments given by Christ to His Church on earth. The fish, an early symbol for the Christian, reaches up for three drops of water, for Baptism is in the name of the Trinity. Opposite is the round paten with a host and a chalice overflowing with grapes to symbolize the elements of Communion.

The smaller window in the narthex opposite the main entrance symbolizes the Trinity in a more conventional way: a triangle in a circle. The crucified Christ is also very abstractly suggested here by a halo of white, the smaller circle, around a 'Y' shape, which indicates His outstretched arms and body hanging down.

These windows are designed to be executed in faceted glass, which is about an inch thick, set in a matrix of apoxy resin. The hues are varied but largely in yellow, red and brown to harmonize with the building and its decor.

In addition, our Aldersgate Room and lower hallway contain stained glass windows rescued from "old" Asbury after the fire.

memorialgarden.jpgA place for meditation
In a quiet corner in front of Asbury United Methodist Church is the Memorial Garden, the resting place for the cremains of members and families. Dedicated in May 1993 the garden is a project of the Guiding Committee which established the policies relating to subscription, interment, and uses of the dedicated area. Within the surrounding wall, the garden is highlighted by a seasonal bubbling, flowing fountain. Around the fountain are twelve granite tablets upon which are the engraved names, dates of birth and death of the members whose cremains have been interred. Trees, shrubs, annual and perennial flowers beautify this sacred area. Established by donations, memorials, subscriptions and bequeaths -- all funding is separate from the Church financing. However, the Garden Project is a full part of the Asbury Ministry. Informational brochures are available upon request at the Church office along with policy information and subscription forms.