Adult Inquirers Class

Adult Inquirers Class is the avenue for people to learn about Asbury Church and possibly join the church. We encourage people to take some time to learn about our specific mission & vision, ministries, and United Methodism before making a decision about becoming a full member. In addition to providing information, we have found that the most important part of the session is getting to know the Pastors, staff, lay leaders, and other members of the class.

We try to structure Adult Inquirers so that everyone will get something valuable out of the session, regardless of where they are in their faith journey.  We have people who have taken Adult Inquirers who have been members of United Methodist churches for 50 years, and people who have never been part of a Christian church. All have found value both in the information and the relationship-building.


We joyfully welcome all persons who would like to unite in membership with Asbury. Persons who would like to become full members need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be baptized in a Christian church
  • Attend an Adult Inquirers session
  • Take membership vows in worship

After the Adult Inquirers session, participants who wish to become full members will take membership vows in a future Sunday morning worship service that is convenient to the church’s schedule and participants’ availability.


Adult Inquirers is scheduled a few times during the year and in many different formats to make sure it’s convenient for busy families – Saturdays; Sunday mornings, afternoons & evenings; weeknights; weekdays. Meals and childcare are available at all sessions. Click here to view a sample schedule.

Not ready to join?

Although Adult Inquirers is the avenue to church membership, we also welcome those who would like to take the class for informational purposes only.  Besides the knowledge gained from the sessions, we hope that you will use the class to build relationships with others in your church family here at Asbury. 

Comments from previous participants

“Speakers were wonderfully informative.”

“A.I. met our needs and answered our questions.”

“Very nice session. Great overview of available resources within the church.”

“Well organized.  Very, very nice friendly people.”

“This made it much easier to join a large church. I feel I would have been a bit lost without this guidance.”

Upcoming 2020 classes

  • Saturday, February 8, 2020
  • Sunday, May 3, 2020

For more information about our Adult Inquirers classes, please contact Laurie Wallace Theisen in the church office (610-398-2577) or at LTHEISEN@ASBURYLV.ORG